Thank you for your interest in wholesale ordering from Swiss PharMax.

SwissPharmax is a website for the end-users of the product and does not offer wholesale ordering functionality.

Please reach out to us via contacts listed below, and a representative from our wholesale department will be in touch as soon as possible.

Currently we have the stock in logistics centres:

- Central Europe (Berlin, Germany)

- Central Europe (Emmen, Switzerland)

- Central Europe (Prague, Czech Republic)

- Eastern Europe (Vilnius, Lithuania)

We are able to ship out the goods next working day. Under special circumstances (government-imposed restrictions on international deliveries; significant increase in the amount of orders; limited staff under government-imposed countrywide quarantine in the sender country) the order lead time may vary.

The prices provided by our wholesale sales manager will be EXW. The recipient is responsible for the shipping charges. 

Prices provided are in EUR currency. EUR is considered the base currency. Prices provided in GBP and USD are subject to change due to the exchange rate at the date of the order.

Prices are subject to change without notice but confirmed order pricing will be honored.

Payments are accepted by:

- T/T bank transfer - deposit to the bank account.

- PayPal - payment to Paypal account.

- Credit card - in certain cases payments by credit card are accepted.

Wholesale Customers are responsible for shipping charges and do not qualify for free shipping. If you have a preferred carrier, please do let us know and we can ship out your order using your shipping account.


Phone. No.: +447418430595