How to choose Hand Sanitisers?

How to choose Hand Sanitisers?

Since the start of these special circumstances in the world the demand for alcohol based hand gels has drastically increased. Hand sanitisers have become so popular that pharmacies and convenience stores have started implementing limits on how many bottles you can get. Even though it is recommended to keep your hands clean by washing them regularly or using alcohol hand rubs, not all the products are effective.

How often should I wash my hands? Regularly washing your hands with soap and water has used to be a golden rule in a fight against germs and bacteria. When you wash your hands with warm (not cold) water you remove oils which contain germs and microbes.

Internet is full of articles – Soap VS Hand sanitiser. Hand sanitisers have proven to be even more effective in fight against bacteria, especially in cases where water and soap is not available. It has been proven that keeping your hands clear with the help of hand sanitising liquid reduces your risks as it reduces the number and type of microbes on your hands.

There are two main types of antiseptic hand cleaners: the ones that contain alcohol and the ones that don’t. Alcohol-based sanitisers contain varying amounts and types of alcohol, often between 60% and 90%. It has been proven that alcohol effectively kills all the germs and bacteria on your hands.

Do you ask yourself – can I use no alcohol hand sanitizer? Non-alcohol-based solutions contain other chemical compounds which have cleaning characteristics. However, these solutions are only effective at a minimal level, cleaning only the base dirt of your hands. These products might reduce the number of microbes but are significantly less effective than alcohol.

It has been proven that only alcohol-based hand sanitising rub guarantees a significant decrease in number of bacteria, microbes and germs.

World Health Organization together with local health agencies recommends using alcohol based hand rubs which contain at least 65% of alcohol in order to ensure the effectiveness of the hand wash.